TurtleNet: End of Season 1

TurtleNet: End of Season 1


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Hi there! Hope you're doing well :)

I've spent the last few months documenting my experiences with running a server at home. I hope that I've been able to help others get started with doing the same, or at least put some inspiration out for exploring the topic further!

At this point, I think I've covered everything you'd need to get a server up and running with acceptable availability and security practices for personal use. As such, this seems like a good time to wrap things up for the season and take some time away from keyboard mashing about server configs.

This hopefully won't be the end of the series though! There are still some topics left to be explored in Season 2:

  • Home Networking: setting up routers, switches, access points, and so on

  • Setting up a UPS (uninterruptible power supply)

  • Upgrading to a rack-mounted setup

  • Creating a media server

  • Minimizing power consumption

  • ARM and alternative architectures

If you have any suggestions for any more topics, let me know! Also feel free to contact me if there are any issues with the current content- as mentioned before, I intend for this series to be living documentation that will get gradually upgraded over time.

Getting back to this will probably take a while; I'll need to spend some more time upgrading TurtleNet itself before I will have the ability and expertise to actually document the things I want to do with it. Besides, there are plenty of other fun things I want to work on now that the TurtleNet series is (mostly) in working order!

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Happy homelabbing!